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Yoga teacher, graduate of the Sivananda yoga school, Dom Ananda finds his inspiration in the lineage of Iyengar yoga. Twenty years ago, the discovery of the Plum Village and the teachings of Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh transformed his life. Guided in his journey by the teachings of mindfulness and meditation, he also practiced in the tradition of Tibetan and Burmese Buddhism, as well as in the tradition of Japanese Zen Soto.

Outside of yoga and meditation centers, his career has led him to intervene in penitentiary centers, in companies for people suffering from burnout and with people suffering from cancer. He teaches yoga and meditation in France, but also abroad, in India and Nepal.



Yoga meditation retreat

Entretien personnalisé

Besoin d aide ou de conseils dans votre vie ,   passage difficile , besoin d écoute . trouver des outils pour plus de paix intérieur.

  Entretien par vidéo 

sur donation 

Vidéo  de David  Ollitrault

En quête de paix intérieure, Dom Ananda est parti aux quatre coins du monde rencontrer de nombreux sages de culture différentes. Il nous explique ici comment le yoga et la méditation ont transformé sa vie.

Réalisateur David Ollitrault.


From his travels was born a book, Breathe the World, a wonderful testimony of life and a pilgrimage in several spiritualities, humanity and yoga. An enchanting book inspiring courage and the practice of meditation ...

This book can be ordered from your bookstore.

The author:
The book:

Les bénéfices du livre respire le monde vont en Birmanie au centre Thabarwa pour les plus démunis. merci beaucoup

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Mission en Birmanie janvier 2024

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Chantal France

Very knowledgeable and EXTREMELY CARING yoga teacher!

Dom is above all a wise man, he embodies everything he teaches !!!

Kindness, simplicity, he knows how to adapt to everyone and to all situations. His joy and his always present good humor are balms to the heart. Her yoga sessions are real body, soul and heart care!

I particularly liked the dedications at the end of each session, sharing these beautiful energies with loved ones or the whole world, what happiness!

Gratitude for all that he brought to us, to my father who adored him, and to myself.

Luminous, it illuminates our paths and BREATHE ... the Joy of Living!


Lihi israel

Dear Ananda .I would have said "you are the best yoga teacher", but that wouldn't be enough to tell you how much you have influenced me .i will never forget my experience in your class. Thank you for being an amazing teacher for us in Chiang Mai park, Shambala festival and at mindfullfarm.


Lindl Mexico

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Melanie France

An experienced teacher anchored in a traditional daily practice, Dom Ananda is committed to transmitting the yogic philosophy and the benefits of meditation to as many people as possible.

Solar and benevolent, he knows how to supervise groups of practitioners in a relaxed and spiritual atmosphere. In a meditative retreat with him, each individual is considered for who he is and the energy of the group is brought to the fore.

Those who are lucky enough to cross his path will remember him for a long time, whether through reading his book or during an internship or retreat with him.

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Alessandra Italy

Dom Ananda è una persona meravigliosa. mi ha colpito la sua conoscenza yogica e la sua umiltà. Ma quello che più mi ha colpito è che non mi ha mai fatto sentire sbagliata. Sono cresciuta come essere umano e ne sono felice. Per me, to an eccellente professore e un essere umano splendido.


Anapurna Usa

Ananda is one of a few spirits that we are lucky enough to meet in our life. If we know how to observe carefully. I could see that he was following, with all his humanity, the path of transformation of the "self". By his example at the ashram, and thanks to our sharing when we were on the move in the woods of Orleans, I was more able to try by approximation what he was experiencing fully.


Andrea Thailand

Meeting with Dom is always such a heart opener! He has this natural glow
that draws people towards him. He is so committed to his spiriatual
practice and shares it wherever he is in such a light and enjoyable way.
We met 16 years ago and its just beautiful to see what transformation he
has gone through. In his Yoga classes Dom Ananda finds perfect balance
of discipline, challenge, gentleness and fun. Enjoy his presence!


Marija Serbia

Meeting Dom gave me so much inspiration and motivation for my own practice. I could even say that just seeing how he lives and breathes his practice every day gave a whole new perspective to my life. It was such an honor and privilege to meditate and do yoga with him. He is one of the most amazing teachers that I have ever encountered and I can't wait for the next opportunity to practice together.

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